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New Developments in Police Accountability

  • “Consensus” Use of Force Policy by 11 Police Groups Takes Two Steps Backwards, Two Steps Forward Wednesday January 18, 2017 A National Consensus Policy on Use of Force, signed by 11 police leadership groups on January 17, 2017 took two steps backwards and two steps forward. The two steps backwards involve the policies on warning shots and shots at moving vehicles. The warning shot policy does include some limitations ("use of deadly force is justified;" "will ... READ MORE
  • DOJ Enters Consent Decree with Baltimore, Files Finding Letter on Chicago Friday January 13, 2017 Rushing to complete major investigations of police departments before the advent of the Trump administration, the Justice Department signed a Consent Decree with Baltimore on Wednesday, January 12 and issued its Findings Letter on the Chicago Police Department on January 13th. Read the Baltimore Consent Decree here: Baltimore ConsentDecree 2017 And the Chicago Findings Letter here: ChicagoFindings2017 READ MORE
  • DOJ Issues Report on Pattern or Practice Reform Efforts Since 1994 Wednesday January 4, 2017 The Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Justice Department on January 4, 2015 issued a 53-page report on its activity related to pattern or practice investigations of police departments since 1994. The report officers the most complete data available on the number of investigations and settlements. (It does not, however, include either the January 1917 consent ... READ MORE
  • NYU School of Law Policing Project Tackles Democratic Governance of Police Monday December 12, 2016 The Policing Project at NYU School of Law is undertaking efforts to strengthen democratic governance of the police. Current projects involve Camden, New Jersey; Cleveland, Ohio; New York City; and Tucson, Arizona. Related projects include Community Advisory Boards and Youth Engagement. The Policing Project is directed by Professor Barry Friedman of NYU Law School. An ... READ MORE
  • Police Unions Fought Even Basic Police Reforms in 2016 Monday December 5, 2016 Police unions across the country continued to fight important police reforms, including reforms that enjoy wide support among police and criminal justice experts. In Boston, the police union fought the adoption of body cameras. First, the union pressured the department to make them voluntary for officers; then it discouraged its members from volunteering; and finally it ... READ MORE