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New Developments in Police Accountability

  • “Secretive Appeals Process” Impedes Discipline of Chicago COPS Friday February 9, 2018 A "secretive" appeals process allows Chicago police officers to reduce the punishment for misconduct or to avoid discipline altogether. A special report by the Chicago Tribune and ProPublica Illinois found that between February 2010 and February 2017 Chicago police officers who appealed their discipline in 314 cases succeeded 85 percent of the time in reducing or ... READ MORE
  • NYPD Embarks on Major New Initiative on Officer Performance Evaluations Monday November 13, 2017 The New York City Police Department in October 2017 embarked on a major new initiative for performance evaluations of its officers. The new policy, recommended  on October 20, 2017 by Peter Zimroth, Monitor for the 2013 settlement of the Floyd stop and frisk case, involves qualitative rather than quantitative measures of officer performance. Zimroth explained in ... READ MORE
  • Seattle City Auditor Calls for Evaluations of City’s Three Forms of Police Oversight Friday October 13, 2017 The Seattle City Auditor's Office issued a report on October 5, 2017 calling for evaluations of Seattle's new system of three oversight agencies for the Seattle Police Department. A May 2017 ordinance finished the process of creating the three agencies. No other city or county in the U.S. has three police oversight agencies. (1) The ... READ MORE
  • Inspector General Exposes Chicago Police Overtime Abuses Friday October 13, 2017 A report by the new Inspector General for the Chicago Police Department, issued on October 3, 2017, exposed massive waste and abuses in overtime by Chicago police officers. Between 2011 and 2016, overtime expenditures by the department rose from $42,167,958 to $146,024,259. The report identified several administrative failures that contribute to the enormous waste of ... READ MORE
  • LAPD Inspector General Issues Report on LAPD Compliance with National “Best Practices” Friday May 26, 2017 The Inspector General for the Los Angeles Police Commission on May 2, 2017 issued a report on the Los Angeles Police Department's compliance with nationally recognized "best practices" related to police accountability and police professionalism. The subjects covered in the report include Procedural Justice, Bias-Free Policing, Transparency and Accountability, the Collection and Reporting of Data on ... READ MORE