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Archives for New Developments

Denver Mediation Program Improves Satisfaction with the Complaint Process

The Office of the Independent Monitor (OIM) for the Denver Police Department established a program for mediating citizen complaints.

To evaluate the impact of mediation, the OIM surveyed both complainants and citizens who had been involved in the complaint process. The survey found improvements in the levels of satisfaction among both groups.

Read about the Denver OIM, its mediation program, and the evaluation (under “Reports”):

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“Learning” from Officer-Involved Shootings and Other Critical Incidents

Experts in policing argue that departments should conduct after-incident reviews to determine what they can learn about needed changes in department policies, training, or supervision.

After incident reviews are separate from incident investigations to determine whether an officer’s actions call for discipline.

One of the best discussions of the potential for learning from critical incidents is the 2003 PARC report on officer-involved shootings in the Portland, Oregon, Police Bureau.

Read the original 2003 report and follow-up reports on the PARC web site.

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