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Disturbing Pattern in Dismissal of Domestic Violence Cases in Nashville

The Nashville, Tennessee, Police dismissed thousands of domestic violence cases, raising serious questions about whether the cases were properly handled. In at least two cases the department dismissed the cases even though the victims told detectives they wanted to press charges. In at least one other case, detectives failed to document a man’s threats to stab his wife to death. Read the story: tennessean1

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Officer Remained on Nashville Force Despite Serious Disciplinary Record

A former Nashville police officer, now now facing several criminal charges for sexual assault, remained on the force despite three disciplinary actions in his first year on the job. The police department claimed it could not reach one of the women in the later sexual assault cases, but a reporter for the Nashville Tennesseean quickly reached her from a phone number in a police report. The case of former officer Jeffrey Poole raises questions about the practices in the department’s internal affairs unit. Read the story: tennessean2

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