The Seattle City Auditor’s Office issued a report on October 5, 2017 calling for evaluations of Seattle’s new system of three oversight agencies for the Seattle Police Department. A May 2017 ordinance finished the process of creating the three agencies. No other city or county in the U.S. has three police oversight agencies. (1) The Office of Police Accountability (OPA) continues its role of receiving and investigating citizen complaints against the police. (2) The new Office of the Inspector General conducts systemic reviews of police department policies and practices. (3) The Community Police Commission (CPC), a broadly representative body, provides community input into police policies and services.

The auditor’s report noted that “no comparable model” of police oversight exists in the country (p. 1). As a result, it recommended that “A periodic evaluation of the effectiveness of the overall system would be helpful for ensuring that the three entities are working well together” (p. 2).

Read the Seattle City Auditor’s Report here.