A report by the new Inspector General for the Chicago Police Department, issued on October 3, 2017, exposed massive waste and abuses in overtime by Chicago police officers. Between 2011 and 2016, overtime expenditures by the department rose from $42,167,958 to $146,024,259. The report identified several administrative failures that contribute to the enormous waste of public dollars. There are no meaningful controls to prevent abuse of a police union contract provision that allows crediting an officer with three hours of overtime compensation for as little as 15 minutes of actual work. The record-keeping system is still essentially paper-based, resulting is costs for manual entry, review, and approval of overtime claims. There are no management controls to “control costs, or detect and prevent fraud, waste, and abuse.” Police managers acquiesce to “potentially abusive practices” in four different areas. “Paper jumping” involves officers requesting to be included in an arrest report “despite having little or no involvement in the arrest.”

Read the Inspector General’s Report here.