The advent of a Trump Administration Department of Justice will represent a “historic shift” in public policy, argued Sam Walker in the Baltimore Sun the day after the presidential election. The shift will be particularly evident with regard to federal investigations of police misconduct. Federal investigations of a “pattern or practice” of violations of civil rights were authorized by the 1994 Violent Crime Control Act. The first consent decree involved the Pittsburgh police department in 1997. The administration of President George W. Bush  walked away from police misconduct, bringing no investigations of big city police departments and settling investigations with technical assistance letters, which are not enforceable in a federal court. President-elect Trump and his surrogates have made it clear that they have no interest in addressing police misconduct. Trump has called for more stops and frisks as a means of reducing crime. They have also criticized those who have protested police misconduct. The shift in DOJ civil rights policy under Trump, Walker added, will extend to voting rights, sex discrimination, LGBT rights and all other civil rights issues. Read the Baltimore Sun article: trumpdojbaltsun