An incident that began with a simple car towing on Thursday, March 21st, ended with excessive force, a mob scene of at least fifteen Omaha police officers, illegal entry of a home by about ten officers, an illegal attempt to prevent someone from video recording the police in action, possible injury to a woman in a wheel chair, and three unecessary arrests. All of the citizens involved were African Americans. The incident was video recorded by someone across the street from his second story window. The incident sparked outrage in Omaha. Watch the video here:

Read about the protest rally at police headquartersOmahaRally

All of the elements of the incident are characteristic of Omaha police conduct: escalating routine events, excessive force, violating peoples’ right to video record the police, mob action by many officers with no supervision or control, and unesessary arrests. One year ago, the Omaha Alliance for Justice asked the U.S. Justice Department to investigate the Omaha police for a “pattern or practice” of abuse. Read the letter to DOJ here:  DOJLetterFinal     Read the supporting documents:  Appendices1-10Final   Appendix11  Appendices12-19         In August 2012 the Alliance for Justice sent a supplemental letter to DOJ documenting new incidents of police abuse. Read the August letter hereDOJSecondLetter  Be sure to read Appenxi 11, which contains the former Omaha Police Audistor’s blistering 2006 report on Omaha police abuse, Anatomy of Traffic Stops.